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FGC Uganda Limited (Fitidis Group of Companies)

Fitidis Group of Companies Uganda Ltd (F.G.C.), is registered in Uganda with sister companies and part of the Group, in Kenya with LIGHT STEEL BUILDING KENYA LTD , in Rwanda with SONAFI Construction Ltd and in D.R.Congo with F.C.G.C. Sprl

F.G.C’s core business is Light Gauge Steel Framed buildings and is involved in various aspects of this Industry from manufacturing of steel-frames, manufacturing of SSP roofing, construction with L.G.S.F, designing, roll-forming machinery and consultancy.
F.G.C. Uganda is a continuation of the FITIDIS CH. Family main construction activities, started in D.R.Congo since 1950, with a back ground of a lot of realization in the territory of D.R.Congo.

Some of the previous projects are:

  • 1962- Camp KOKOLO/Kinshasa (military camp)
  • 1968 - Technical school complex
  • 1972 - Extension of Ndjili International airport buildings
  • 1975 - Press Association building (7 stores)
  • 1978 - Offices building and stores SIEMENS ZAIRE
  • 1982 - Offices, factory and residential camp of 8 villas KLOKNER MUELLER
  • 1986 - Residential camp of 12 villas and stores ECO KIVU
  • 1988 - Extension of QUO VADIS factory
  • 1989 - Extension of English school/Kinshasa
  • 1993 - Offices and coffee factory ORGAMAN
  • 2006 - Ministry of Housing/Kinshasa:366 houses in Bunia (180) and Beni (186).
F.G.C's core business is Light Gauge Steel Framed buildings . The company is the first to manufacture steel-frames and SSP roofing in East & Central Africa, with an established factory

F.G.C has been the first to take the Light Gauge Steel Frame buildings in Central and East Africa with the establishment of a factory.

F.G.C. recognize the value that LGSF brings to the construction industry and is dedicated to carry this advantage global by working with partners across Africa to revolutionize the construction industry. -is also dedicated to bring to its partners the most advanced roll-forming process available in the world today along with all other associated processes that it would take to build an innovative and cost effective buildings of the highest quality. F.G.C. networking by sharing concepts ideas with established players within this industry. F.G.C. works to develop local skills in all sphere of this industry within each and every country that it is involved in. - is keen to share with its partners the advantage we have received just be networking within the industry and sharing new and innovate methods. F.G.C's bottom line is to increase the value of each construction dollar spent by increased productivity, modern technology and innovative building methods. -To bring value to the construction industry in many ways stretching the construction dollars of benefit of the end user. - To transfer this technology to the local population by way of training. - To increase productive of the industry at large.