Light Gauge
Steel Framing& Construction

The Fitidis Group's core business is Light Gauge Steel Framed buildings and is involved in various aspects of this Industry from manufacturing of steel-frames, construction, designing, roll-forming machinery, software and consultancy

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Projects Done with LGSF:
1) Shyara School (1800m2)
2) Green Hill School (3500m2)
3) Communication building (900m2)
4) Traning center (4800m2)
5) SONAFI accommodation (250m2)
6) Hotel Hellenique suites (200m2)

Innovative Construction Technology
The future of the construction industry

The Fitidis Group recognizes the value that LGSF brings to the construction industry and is dedicated to maximizing this revolutionary technology by working with partners across the globe to revolutionize the construction industry.We are also dedicated to bringing to our partners the most advanced roll-forming process available in the world today along with all other associated processes that it would take to build an innovative and cost effective buildings of the highest quality.

A steel-framed house produced using F.G.C's Steel Frame Business Solution can be completed in approximately 1/3 of the time of a conventional brick and mortar home, again leading to more profitable projects. Steel frames are extremely strong and lightweight, requiring less material than timber or block methods leading to cost savings.

- Consistent material quality.
- Accurate precision buildings
- Faster erection time –cost effective.
- Unaffected by termites or dry-rot.
- Eco friendly –100% recyclable.
- Strong material -consistent in strength
- Better quality control.
- Improves fire safety.
- Improves fire safety.
- Esthetics

COMPUTER CONTROLLED PRODUCTION. The structure is designed by a tailored made software –exclusive to LGSF. The section are rolled formed. Material used is high tensile steel.The thickness of steel is based on the specified load factors of the structure being adhered to in the design. Structural analysis such as design & load calculation are furnished. If required to be certified by a chartered structural engineer.

PRODUCTION ACCURACY The design and production being computer controlled has an accuracy level of +-0.8mm in every 6 m length of structure once assembled. All section are cut to length, web-notched, lip-notched, dimple-punched, swaged and service holes could be provided at any required level. Each member in the structure is identified through a print numbering each wall and section within that wall. All manufacturing operations are done in a single run at rate of 500 lm/hr

MATERIAL PRODUCTION. The anticorrosive coating of the steel used in production is optional. Zinc coated generally known as GI. Zinc and aluminium coating known commonly as zinc-alum or alum-zinc.Zinc, aluminium and magnesium –ZAM.

Methodology of construction with L.G.S.F. L.G.S.F. (Light, Gauge, Steel, Framing) is, made out of computerized productions of Galvanized steel studs, assembled and erected with specific bolds on a concrete slab.
1.The Engineer/designers and his team are preparing the drawings to be transferred to the production machine's computer. The design and production are being computer controlled with the FRAMECAD program.
2.Mobilization of production machines on site: The first team is working on manufacturing of the galvanized steel studs according to the relevant layouts .
3.At the same time, the second team is preparing and pouring the concrete slab. All studs sections are cut to length, web-notched, lip-notched, dimple-punched, swaged and services holes are provided at any required level.
4.The third team are assembling and screwing together the steel studs, to make the, A) wall panels, B) ceiling panels, C) roof panels and D) roof trusses. Each member of the structure is identified trough a print numbering for each wall and section.
5.The fourth team are erecting the assembled panels on the concrete slab and finalizing the complete structure
6.At the same time of the panel's erection, another team is producing our innovative SSP (Standing Seem Panels) roof sheets.
7.Plumbers and electricians are preparing the water and electric lines.
8.Team of masons are plastering the external walls.
9.Internal teams are fixing the gypsum boards on the ceiling and internal partitions walls.
10.At same time of the internals finishing, other team are producing and preparing the frames and PVC windows.
11.Final steps are to fix the floor tiles, electrical and sanitary fixtures, doors and windows and last the paint.

Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material being used today - including timber and block enabling less material wastage and improved margins. Steel's inherent strength can be used to place trusses further apart while still being structurally sound enabling increased profitability. Take advantage of the latest design trends for profitable business development. Steel frames and trusses allow trends such as open plan living and interior walls to be placed without load-bearing considerations to be met.